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A spanner wrench is used for adjusting fasteners, like nuts and bolts. The word “spanner wrench” is a combined form of British and American slang. The Americans usually refer to it as a wrench, and the British are known to call it a spanner. “Spanner” is a general term used for all the common types of wrenches. There are literally hundreds of different types of wrenches. Several of them can be used for the same or similar tasks, while others are used for very specific situations. Some wrenches are used for a quick-fix and others are meant for long-term work. People in every career use them; not just construction workers or those employed in the oil-field.

Wrenches are priced differently and bought from random stores; some are easy to come by, and others have to be purchased online or ordered from a special catalog. There are several different types of common wrenches used by many people today. Just a few worth mentioning include the box-end wrench, the spark plug wrench, allen wrench, Bristol wrench, torx wrench, impact wrench (or impact driver), monkey wrench, and torque wrench.

The box-end wrench, commonly referred to as “the king of wrenches”, contains a socket on either side to fit over nuts or bolts. The box-end wrench has various points bordered on the inside, depending on the specific make of the model. These points normally come in six, eight, twelve, or sixteen.
The spark plug wrench generally forms to ¾ inch and 13/16 inch spark plugs. The design closely resembles a water spout. The most common item that these wrenches are used for are hex head spark plugs. Spark plug wrenches are normally around six dollars or less.

The monkey wrench is one of the most common tools by people, especially for heavy-duty projects. These wrenches have been around since the eighteenth century. The monkey wrench is one of the most convenient wrenches to use in construction or home improvement projects, because it contains adjustable “jaws” that turn nuts. The monkey wrench has the power to turn nuts of most sizes. The British refer to this tool as a “gas grip”.

The allen wrench rotates hexagonal screws and bolts. These wrenches are produced to resemble either an L or a T shape. The allen wrench is small and thin and easy to grasp hold of.
The Bristol wrench is uniquely designed and only used to rotate internal screws and bolts, such as a gear on a shaft. Another name for this wrench is a Bristol spline wrench. It closely resembles the L shaped allen wrench. These are sold individually, not in sets, and generally cost around $6 for one wrench.

Torx wrenches are created specifically for screw heads with a six point star shaped design. Many people refer to this wrench as a “star screwdriver” or “star bits”. The reason for its name is that it can handle high amounts of torque applied to screw heads. This makes for an easier task at hand.
The impact wrench is actually a power tool that is designed to apply high amounts of torque to the item without much effort. Other names for this wrench are an impactor, air wrench, and torque gun. The size of the wrench itself is usually around ¼ of an an inch. Depending on the make and model, impact wrenches have a wide range of prices. They can cost anywhere from $50 to $300 dollars.


Invented in the 1900s, the torque wrench acts as a pressurizer for nuts and bolts. The reason for its name is that it applies torque, or certain force, to the fastener so that it can be easily adjusted for the task at hand. There are several different types of the torque wrench, including the slipper, beam, deflecting beam, click, no-hub, electronic, programmable electronic, and mechatronic. Different types are used for different tasks.

The first ever wrench invented is credited to Solymon Merrick in 1835. He created the first generic wrench for adjusting the grip of nuts and bolts, and several other inventors followed in his footsteps to create other types of wrenches. The monkey wrench was invented by none other than Charles Moncky in 1858, hence the name monkey wrench. The pipe wrench, which is similar to the monkey wrench but with slightly different dynamics, was invented in 1870 by Daniel Stillson.

Like any other construction/repair/plumbing tools, wrenches can be costly to purchase. It is actually possible to construct a homemade wrench with some fairly easy steps to follow. These steps can be found online or in any tool manual.

Spanner wrenches have many uses, even in everyday life. Whether the job at hand is simple or complex, a wrench may be the tool needed for it. For some events, it may be nearly impossible if not completely impossible to get by without a wrench or a similar tool. There are plenty of common situations where a wrench is crucial. The most common use for wrenches of some sort are the kitchen and the bathroom sinks. Both of these sinks are built