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The box wrench, also referred to as the box-end wrench and the ring spanner by the British, has been proudly designated with the nickname “The King of Wrenches”. This is one of the most commonly used wrenches today. It is used by plumbers, homeowners, car mechanics, and others. This wrench has an open socket at one end and a closed socket at the other.

This means it can be used for multiple functions, such as tightening or loosening nuts and bolts of different sizes. Since nuts and bolts are attached to many machines, devices, and metal or steel boxes, the box wrench is generally the wrench used for any necessary adjustments.

Box wrenches are often combined with other wrenches to make a more powerful and versatile tool. They are also conveniently available in different sizes, since the nuts and bolts that they are programmed for are typically different sizes themselves. The shape of the socket needs to be able to fit the exact shape of the nut or bolt. This is the only way the task at hand will get completed successfully.

These types of wrenches are easily accessible. They can be located at the nearby hardware store or even a department store such as Wal-Mart or K-Mart. They can also be purchased from online retail stores such as Amazon, E-Bay, and Home Depot. Some popular brands that sell these wrenches are Proto, Armstrong, and Craftsman. They are generally purchased in sets.


A good set of seven pieces, which vary from 3/8 to 1 to 1/8 inches, can be purchased for about $200. It sounds terribly expensive, but these wrenches are a great tool to have handy around the house or in automobiles. Sometimes they are even vital to certain functions. There are, however, cheaper box-end wrenches as well; it depends on the store who is selling them and how strong and durable they are. They are not usually sold individually.