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Spanner Wrench is the generic name for the wrenches used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts. Wrenches are used either for simple, quick fixes or complex construction projects. They come in different shapes, sizes, material, texture, and have different uses as well. Depending on how many uses the wrench has or how many wrenches come in a package, they can be very cheap or very costly.
Adjustable spanner wrenches are the most convenient tools to purchase for complex tasks. An average adjustable pin wrench normally goes for $50 and up. Adjustable face wrenches (size 3/16 x 1/4) generally go for $40. To buy an entire hook wrench set, which would contain about four pieces, the buyer would be spending about $230.

The numerous types of spanner wrenches are used for similar projects, but there are several different types of wrenches. Buying or using the correct wrench for the function at hand is crucial to the job and the safety of the user. Some of the common types of wrenches used for jobs around the house include the socket wrench, the crowfoot wrench, and the speed wrench. Being familiar with the wrench types and the specific names they are given could make home improvement work a lot easier and less stressful.

The socket wrench is composed of a cylindrical piece that fits securely over a nut or bolt head. This wrench has a handle at the top that makes for easy gripping for the job. Socket wrenches, like most other spanner wrenches, can be purchased as singles or in sets. A set would be the smart way to purchase this product because sets contain different sizes of the wrench. One socket wrench set, containing about 30 separate pieces, costs close to $230.
The crowfoot wrench is used more often by professionals than do-it-yourselfers.

For instance, plumbers, electricians, and car mechanics use crowfoot wrenches quite frequently in their jobs. This is because the crowfoot wrench can safely squeeze into tight spaces where other wrenches cannot fit. Many electronic tools with small parts require the use of a crowfoot wrench. These wrenches are actually fairly inexpensive compared to other wrenches. One set, containing ten crowfoot wrenches of different sizes, costs about $45.


The speed wrench closely resembles a skewed bucket handle. It conveniently contains a ratcheting wrench, which makes it possible to tighten nuts or bolts without having to adjust, like most wrenches. The speed wrench costs around $13 for a single wrench. These do not usually come in sets, because one speed wrench is all that is needed for certain tasks. This wrench is useful for many functions, but it is not one of the more common wrenches.
These are just a few of the spanner wrenches available for various jobs around the house or at work. Wrenches can be purchased in numerous ways; either by themselves or in sets. It is also possible to purchase tool sets that contain most of the common-use wrenches on the market today.