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The adjustable wrench is a tool specially designed with a “jaw”, which can be adjusted to the appropriate size for the screws or bolts that it needs to tighten or loosen. The British refer to this tool as an adjustable spanner, and some other names its commonly referred to are the crescent wrench, the shifting spanner, and the fit-all. This wrench has been around since 1842, when it was invented by Richard Clyburn, an engineer.

The unique aspect of adjustable wrenches is that they can be changed to different sizes for different tasks. Most wrenches are a set size and can’t be adjusted. These tools are beneficial for fixing equipment with hard-to-reach nuts or bolts, such as car engines, windows, or small equipment. The wrenches are usually available for purchase in four, six, or ten inch sizes. The costs vary, but the four inch is generally about five dollars, the six inch goes for about eight dollars, and the ten inch can normally be bought at around fifteen dollars.

There are actually different types of adjustable wrenches that are conveniently available for purchase. Some examples of these types are the locking wrench and the MaxSteel wrench. The locking wrench will adjust to the size needed and lock to that size. MaxSteel wrenches are just a heavy type of steel, which means the wrench won’t be flimsy or fall apart.

Adjustable wrenches not only come individually, but in sets as well. Purchasing a set of wrenches is a smarter way to buy than individually because different jobs call for different sized tools. Irwin has designed a set of these wrenches with four separate pieces: the six inch, ten inch, twelve inch, and eighteen inch. Sets like these can generally be bought for about $40. It is also possible just to buy a two piece set, made by Irwin as well. This set contains a six inch and a ten inch adjustable wrench and goes for around $20.