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The spud wrench (also known as the podging spanner by the British) is basically a metal or steel spike, or a bar, with an open socket at the end. The socket, or the mouth, usually opens up to about an inch wide. They are similar in structure to the adjustable wrench, but the end is a sharp spike and the socket can only open up to a certain width. These wrenches are generally used by construction workers, plumbers, and architects. They are incredibly strong and normally deal with steel items, such as buildings or machines.

Spud wrenches are very long and heavy. The average weight of these tools is about 10 pounds and 16 inches in length. Extra caution should be used with these wrenches because the end is very sharp and can cause significant harm to the user. These types of wrenches aren’t generally found around the average person’s home, but can easily be purchased from hardware stores and online hardware stores.

Most of these wrenches are conveniently designed with an adjustable jaw, just like the adjustable jaw wrench. The price of these wrenches varies, depending on the make and size. The 15 inch spud wrench usually goes for about $40 or more. When shopping online or in stores for these wrenches, it is wise to take a close look at the size, make, type, model, brand, and potential jaw width. Since these wrenches are so large in size and heavy in weight, they can normally only be bought individually instead of in sets like other tools.

Some helpful brands when trying to shop around for class-A spud wrenches are Crescent, Proto, Titan, Klein, and Ridgid. These can be found in local hardware stores or online stores such as Amazon, E-bay, and Google shop. They aren’t one of the easier wrenches to locate, but most stores have at least a couple of these wrenches for sale somewhere.