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The crows foot wrench is rarely used by average people, but airplane mechanics and sometimes car mechanics find regular uses for them. This wrench has a U-shaped mouth containing a box-shaped open socket on the head which is non-adjustable. It often sells with just the head part of the tool, which attaches to wrench steel pipes of the appropriate size. Besides its shape, the crows foot wrench is quite similar to the open-end, box-end, and flare-nut wrenches. This wrench is also much cheaper than other wrenches on the market, because the head can sell separately, unlike other wrenches or tools.

Some examples of when this type of wrench would need to be used are power steering fittings, fuel pumps, inner drive shafts, and tightening header bolts. They are not normally used in the functions of everyday life, but it’s been said that they are absolutely necessary for certain functions. These tools usually won’t be found in the average toolbox or tool kit.

However, professionals sometimes crucially need them to perform certain duties at certain times.
Since these wrenches are only needed at vital times and for specific tasks, buying the right brands, size, make, and model is important. The brand Sunex makes very decent wrenches, including crows foot wrenches. They are also produced by K Tool, Autocraft, BikeMaster, Armstrong Tools, KD Tools, V8 Tools, Blackhawk, and Proto.


Different sizes of this wrench are differently priced. The Armstrong wrench with a 3/8 inch Drive goes for $12. For a decent ten piece set produced by K-Tool International, these wrenches can usually go from $30 to $40. Buying them in bulk is a much more economical choice because if an individual wrench becomes damaged or breaks, there is nothing to replace it with.

The crowsfoot wrench doesn’t need to be used very often, but it can sometimes be the only tool that will perform the function at hand. These wrenches are easy and cheap to purchase, so there is no reason not to have one handy.