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For the many functions that a person needs to work on, the hook spanner wrench presents a good companion to such a person. This is especially so if one loves doing handy jobs. Obviously, for a person whose profession revolves around fastening and loosening of fasteners, then this is the perfect companion for numerous of such person’s functions.

The type of spanner is designed in such a way that there is a hook at the end and then there is a handle on the other. The hook which is on the C shape of the wrench is supposed to hook onto the bolt or nut so that it gives the tool a firm grip.

There are fixed hooks on many spanner wrenches and there are those that can be adjusted. Many of these tools are made of hardened metal and other materials and then coated with materials that are supposed to make them last for long. They are very appropriate for use in side slot nuts on collars, lock nuts and bearings. They are indeed the ideal companions for many functions that many technical people get involved in. when buying such a wrench, a person should consider the sizes of the nuts that they are going to work on so that they can buy the right tools for the job.


When it comes to maintaining a hook spanner wrench, it is imperative that cleaning of the same be done every time one finishes with them. Even though the manufacturer has made the tool with the best of materials, the user has to play their part by not exposing this tool to hazardous conditions that might promote its rusting or even flaking.

Oiling or greasing and then polishing should a sure step towards ensuring that it lasts for years if not decades. Compared to the quality that this tool is garnished with, the user will actually not feel any pinch paying for the very reasonable price that many credible manufacturers ask.