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Many are the times when a person gets stuck in their garages or places of work with no idea of how to tighten or loosen some special looking nut. Well, when these nuts were made, special wrenches meant for them were also made. A spanner nut wrench is supposed to fit on a bolt or a nut that has special features corresponding to it. These wrenches are made of hardened materials like stainless steel and on top of that, coated with chrome so that corrosion doesn’t occur. On top of all that, these wrenches don’t flake thus guaranteeing long life while being used.

In everyday of many people’s lives, the usage of special tools is the norm, yet few know what they are called. The bolts that are used to fasten the wheel of a car into place are a good example that uses these special tools.

Because of the shape and the location of these bolts, a person is required to use special tool that will not only loosen or fasten them but those that will do so in a competent manner. The spanner nut wrench which is used for the car or even the engine of a car is designed such that it is only the nut that will enter the head of the spanner while you have a good hold of the tool.


Keeping this tool in a good functioning state is supreme if at all one wants to enjoy using it for long as well as ever opening some bolts. Because every other bolt requires a specific sized spanner to work on it, a person would ensure that the nuts and the bolts that are in places that demand the usage of nut spanner wrenches are not distorted. If such nuts or bolts are damaged then even after buying the correct sized wrench will not help. Greasing and cleaning off the dirt and grime is of utmost importance also when it comes to maintain these special tools.