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Wrenches are an amazing tool that humans simply could not live without. They are used in everyday situations; sometimes for quick-fix jobs and other times for hardcore construction tasks. They come in thousands of different makes, models, sizes, brands, and even colors. These simple, yet complex tools are used for various important functions: home improvement, car repair, building construction, or other tool repair.

Many important buildings and other establishments depend on these tools to be properly constructed. Most houses have them lying around in miscellaneous drawers or tool boxes, so that if a screw needs tightening or a bolt needed to be loosened, they can be fixed right away without a problem.

There are several different types of wrenches, all of which have different purposes. Some of them are very similar in model and texture and others have very odd shapes. Every single one of them is vital to everyday living. Some examples of these crucial tools are the box-end, the spark plug, the combination spanner, the open-ended spanner, the flare-nut, the ratcheting ring spanner, the drum key, the die holder, the curb key, and the wing nut. Being familiar with the names for these different types of tools can greatly benefit home improvement or quick-fix tasks. Using the right tool for the task at hand is equally as crucial.

People have been using these helpful tools since the 1800s. First invented by Solymon Merrick, these beneficial aides have been a wonderful aid to individuals and businesses for centuries. Something as tiny as a barely visible screw or a lodged-in nut could not stand the test of time without certain tools to tighten them up. Wrenches are available for purchase either individually or in tool sets. Some need to be ordered from special stores or online, and others are not available in a tool set and can only be purchased individually. They also range in price from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, depending on their material and strength.


There are many available options for purchasing wrench tool sets online. Amazon sells a wide range of tool sets, most of which are decently priced. Stanley is a popular brand for most tool sets, and they are at the top of the list. For a 24 piece combination wrench set, which means one end is an open socket and the other is a closed socket, the buyer will be spending about $30. These will be useful for nuts and bolts in various places; whether it’s for home improvement work, car repair, building construction, or quick-fix jobs such as repairing a light or a metal box. Tekton also sells a decent set with eleven pieces, for only $15.