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There are numerous areas that a person can employ a face spanner wrench. They are tools that have a flat face and which have two arms. At the point where the two arms are connected, there is a pin which is very strong and which serves as the fulcrum for the wrench. A number of places in the house, garages, autos and equipments require the usage of this tool. Every person who happens to love doing handy work in their homes must have this tool if they want their work to be unimpeachable. As for the professionals, this is a must have tool.

Features of the face spanner wrench

  • They are easy to use and no expertise is required when using them. By having the two arms in the hands, a person is able to work with ease while using it. The ease of using this tool is made possible by its length which can be anything between 6-3/8”. The pin diameter is very accommodative and it has 3/16” size. This ensures that is can actually accommodate almost anything that one can think of.
  • It is very strong and it is in many instances made from forged alloy steel and finished using black dioxide. This makes it usable on practically any type of metal and for any purpose.
  • This spanner wrench can be used on a wide range of applications. One of the applications that the toll fits well with is the servicing of seals and packing nuts on hydraulic cylinders and tightening of collars. There are obviously other applications home and other places that a person can still employ this savvy tool.



  • Compared with the very many other equipments, this tool is pristine when it comes to pricing. The price range of the different spanner wrenches in this category is very affordable and one should consider using it whenever applicable.

It is obvious that this type of wrench is every person’s friend when it comes to the easing of work be it in a home, garage or a factory.