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Spanner wrenches are vital to many home improvement, quick fixes, construction, or long-term job tasks. Invented back in the 1800s, the wrench is one of the most depended-upon tools on the market today. Without wrenches, many electronic or machinery items may not hold together well or last very long. Tools in the wrench family have saved many devices from breaking down for good.

There are numerous types of spanner wrenches available for household or professional functions. Just a few of the common wrenches used in everyday life are the oil-filter wrench, the plumber wrench, the tuning wrench, the open-end wrench, and the 4-way lug wrench. These wrenches are all unique and they all perform specific duties. Using the correct wrench for the current task can greatly reduce time and energy spent on the task.

The oil-filter wrench, also known as a “chain wrench”, is used to safely remove the oil filters out of cars. This is a specialty wrench that was designed only for this purpose. While it may not seem that impressive that it can’t do much besides take care of an oil filter, it may eliminate a lot of the hassle that comes with the duty at hand.

The plumber wrench is used to rotate pipes. Pipes are normally found inside the walls of the bathroom or under the kitchen sink; some people have them standing freely in their basement. Most homeowners have a plumber wrench somewhere in their home, and professional plumbers obviously commonly use them as well.

The tuning wrench is basically just used to tune instruments. This wrench resembles a small hammer and can be used to tune instruments such as pianos and guitars.


The 4-way lug wrench is perhaps one of the most convenient and straight-to-the-point wrenches in existence today. In other words, they are used strictly for one task and one task only- which is to turn the lug nuts on car wheels. These wrenches can usually be found in any store and are fairly inexpensive.
The open-end wrench contains U-shaped openings on both sides of the tool; thus where the name “open-end wrench” comes in. The two ends are different sizes, purely for convenience. The open-end wrench can be used for various functions because it has wide openings and can easily adjust nuts or bolts. It can also adapt to the current task because of the two different-sized ends.

There are many more spanner wrenches circulating in the market today besides the above mentioned ones, but these spanner wrenches are great tools to have around for everyday living. Each wrench is unique in the way it was built, its texture, its size, and its specific function. It’s also very helpful and advantageous to have the knowledge to identify the different types of wrenches. This can make for less work and more time. Every single wrench on the market has a purpose, no matter how big or small. The world of repairing and tightening machinery or electronics would be a lot more difficult if it weren’t for spanner wrenches.