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The open end wrench is incredibly useful for many activities. It is defined by exactly what it is; the two ends are both open sockets. The British also refer to this tool as an open-ended spanner, because their word for wrench is spanner. The two sockets are shaped like edged “U’s”, both pointing outwards. These are widely used by plumbers that need to twist small pipes or nuts and bolts hidden in small crevices.

The open-end wrench is a convenient tool to have around the house because the two ends are generally different sizes; this means that it can be turned around to the opposite end of the one being used at the appropriate times. This is ideal for nuts and bolts of different sizes. This specific wrench, if used properly, can make a normally time-consuming job of constructing something a bit less of a hassle.

These types of wrenches are very easy to locate. They are one of the more common wrenches used around the world, and used by professionals as well as homeowners. They can be located at nearby hardware stores or online retail stores, such as Amazon, E-bay, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. Department stores such as Wal-Mart or K-Mart have tool sections which contain them as well.


Open end wrenches are generally bought in tool sets, in quantities of four or more. A small set would be a good thing to have as an emergency quick-fix in the car, because if a piece of the motor or engine needs to be repaired, the wrenches can easily tighten or loosen any nuts or bolts. ToolUp sells a durable set of five open-ended wrenches for about $55. These wrenches are cheaper than many others because they are vital to most people, and they are lighter material as well.

Some other brands that sell these types and similar types of wrenches are Craftsman, Ampco, and Wright Tool.